2015 Copa America Chile

Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva: 'I didn't even know the ball had hit my hand'

Brazil's Thiago Silva said he was unaware he had committed the foul that led to Paraguay's equaliser in their Copa America quarter-final.

Dani Alves

Dani Alves: No time to whine, Brazil must look forward

The Barcelona defender has hailed the PSG stopper as the game's leading defender and urged the Selecao to bounce back from their Copa America exit


Willian: I couldn’t sleep after Paraguay defeat

The Chelsea ace has expressed his sadness at the Selecao's elimination in Chile but urged his team-mates to lift themselves for World Cup qualification


Romario: CBF have failed Neymar and Brazil

The iconic striker says the organisation is only interested in making money and is thus responsible for the "disintegration" of the Brazilian game

Brazil Matches

2 - 1
Sun 14 Jun 2015 - Group C
Stadium: Germán Becker
City: Temuco
0 - 1
Thu 18 Jun 2015 - Group C
Stadium: David Arellano
City: Santiago
2 - 1
Sun 21 Jun 2015 - Group C
Stadium: David Arellano
City: Santiago
Sat 27 Jun 2015 - Quarterfinals
Stadium: Estadio Ester Roa
City: Concepción

Brazil in Group C

1 Brazil 32014316
2 Peru 31112204
3 Colombia 31111104
4 Venezuela 310223-13


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