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Monday, January 20, 2014
fifa 2014 world cup tickets

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The day that every soccer fanatic have expected was Tuesday, August 20, when went on sale the first tickets for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The day that every soccer fanatic have expected was Tuesday, August 20, when went on sale the first tickets for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

There are three types of ticket:

Individual Match Ticket: tickets for a specific game, for example, in the group stage of your preferred National team and one of the opponents (each one of the 64 World Cup games has a number assigned, despite not knowing who plays against whom until group draw, done in 6 of December);

Venue Series Ticket: tickets for residents of the host cities (does not include tickets to the opening match, quarter -finals, semifinals and final);

Team Specific Ticket (between 3-7 games): Note that by choosing a specific team, you’ll track its group. This means buying tickets for each round, regardless, his team continues competing or not. If your team is eliminated in the group stage, and you have bought tickets for more than 3 games, you will start to follow the winner of the respective group.


The price of tickets for international buyers will go from 90 USD (about € 67) to 175 USD (about € 131). Prices vary according to the ticket category, it has to do with the stadium where the game takes place and seat location. The opening match, which includes the official opening ceremony, is the exception, with prices ranging from 220-495 USD.

For Brazilian fans are available 400.000 tickets belonging to category 4, which can be purchased at a more affordable price,  with tickets from 30 USD. Locals who are students, have more than 60 years and have social benefits will also be entitled to a discount of 50%. According to Brazilian law, 1% of the seats are intended for disabled supporters, the price was determined in Category 3, these people are also entitled to a free ticket to a support person.

For pricing details, please consult the information kit available on the FIFA website. The 2014 World Cup is set to be the largest betting event the world has ever seen, many bookmakers will be falling over themselves offering free bets and refunds to entice new customers, if you are having a bet on any of the games we highly recommend you shop around to find the best prices and find a free to suit your particular wager, you never know you may just win the price of your ticket.


Tickets can be resold in FIFA platform, but the main applicant (considered responsible for ensuring that the right people are in place purchased on their behalf) may not sell their ticket unless all others are sold.

This prime candidate cannot transfer or change the name on the ticket itself. So he better make sure he can attend the games for which he purchased ticket.

For international buyers, tickets can only be purchased online.

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